FAB IRON + Vitamin B Complex Oral Tablets

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Iron is a mineral essential for everyday life. It is used by the body to transport oxygen, maintain healthy blood levels and release energy. Low iron levels can result in tiredness and lack of energy.

Fab Iron + Vitamin B Complex assists when dietary iron and vitamin intake is inadequate.

Fab Iron is a combination of easy to absorb iron and energy boosting B group vitamins to help restore energy and overall health.

Suitable for women, teenage girls and vegetarians.

Easy to absorb.

- Contains vitamin C to assist with maximum iron absorption.

Easy to digest.

- Contains an organic chelated form of iron that is easy to absorb and digest in the body.

Gentle on the stomach.

- Chelated iron is well tolerated and gently on the stomach.

Iron out that tired feeling.

With low constipation iron.

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