Lynx Deodorant Aerosol Ice Chill 165mL

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You're minding your own business, when BAM! Your crush walks in. 'Stay cool', you tell yourself but, awwwww, snap! Stress sweat and rising body temperature have arrived, and they're ready to stomp on your day. If only there was a deodorant solution. Like a miraculous mens body spray that could make you feel cool and fresh.

Now imagine the same scenario, but you've prepared for the moment with Lynx body spray. Not only do you smell of mother nature's joint favourite perfume, Frozen Mint and Lemon, but, you've got fresh on your side and chill up your sleeves. All the way to your armpits...across your nipples and torso. When your crush enters the room, instead of musty tortoise cage, this mens deodorant makes you feel cooler than a Polar Bear's toes. Creeping anxiety is replaced by confidence. Instead of over-trying, you can stay chill.

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