Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester

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When are you ovulating

The level of oestrogen (female sex hormone) in saliva increases dramatically around 2 to 3 days before ovulation and reaches its peak around the time of ovulation. Maybe Baby''- Easy Ovulation Tester uses this increased level of oestrogen to help you identify the ideal time to conceive and maximise the possibility of a successful pregnancy.

Simple and convenient.

All you have to do is apply some saliva with a clean finger and let it dry (about 10 -15 minutes). Then simply view the dried saliva through the Maybe Baby microscope. You will see a distinctive 'fern' pattern if increased levels of oestrogen are present.

This pattern helps you predict ovulation 2 to 3 days in advance.

Fertil period. (Higher levels of oestrogen).?Distinctive?'fern' pattern.

Non fertile period. (Lower levels of oestrogen).?Pebbles or dots.

A full instruction leaflet is provided. Please read the instructions carefully. The results obtained will depend on how well the instructions are followed.

Reusable month after month.

Maybe Baby can be used month after month. No special maintenance is required. Maybe Baby is covered by a one year warranty (conditions apply).

Talk to your pharmacist.

There are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester has been designed to assist in conception, however it may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormone imbalances, fertility medication and recently discontinuing contraceptive medication may affect the test results. Speak to your healthcare professional for advice prior to purchase.

- Saliva-based predictor.

- Simple and convenient.

- Re-usable month after month.

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